Raul Ruiz

First Time Home Buyer Expert & Investor Savvy Professional


  • 2016 Clay Stapp + Co Rookie of the Year
  • 2017 Top 3 Producer
  • 2018 Top Producer
  • 2019 Top 3 Producer

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together - Vincent Van Gogh.

ABOUT Raul Ruiz

Raul Ruiz, a native of Mexico City, came to Texas in 2005 to attend Southern Methodist University. He graduated with a double major in Advertising and Markets & Culture.
Raul’s passion has always been to serve others. “There is something very rewarding about making someone happy and smile. Therefore, I ventured to open my first restaurant in 2009 while finishing school. Since then, I have successfully owned and operated 4 restaurants in the DFW area. Providing my customers with great food at a great price makes them smile and their bellies happy! With my many years of restaurant experience, I have learned that the key to success is perfect communication and surrounding yourself with the best team possible. That is why I have signed with CLAY STAPP+CO.”
Raul will always be fond of the restaurant industry, but his true love has always been Real Estate. This passion began when he was a child. Raul’s parents are veteran real estate investors themselves and used to drag Raul along to see new commercial and residential properties they were considering for purchase. Raul had the invaluable opportunity at a very young age to learn the many aspects of procuring, managing, leasing and most importantly, closing deals!
Raul’s three main goals as a Realtor are to clearly understand his client’s needs, provide them the most relevant statistics and market data and be an efficient and effective communicator.
Raul knows that his client’s personal residence is often one of their biggest investments. It is important for Raul to not only help his client’s find the house of their dreams, but also assure that they are making a solid investment!
Raul will continue to set the bar high for unparalleled customer service and passionate client satisfaction.